Our Approach


We build strong and meaningful relationships with key legislators and decision makers that are built on credibility and mutual respect. At Turing Strategies, we have strong, long standing relationships with leadership and veteran elected officials. However, we also focus on new elected officials and staff, as the political landscape in Illinois is evolving faster than at any point in decades. 


A lot of firms focus solely on relationships. However, Turing Strategies believes that is equally as important to understand government processes in order to identify all the avenues and opportunities for success. Our work in the Governor’s and Mayor’s offices required us to: track and influence thousands of pieces of legislation, fully comprehend government budgets and the appropriations processes, monitor and influence relevant rule making, and fully comprehend the city and state’s procurement processes. 


We work to fully understand our clients’ business models and interests, and how legislation and government action affect those interests. We then use that understanding to develop the most effective way to communicate complex issues effectively to policymakers.

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